About Rash Guard Hero

Rash Guard Hero is ideal for those with an active lifestyle who are fans of Anime, novelty ideas, & art. It's a site and service brought to you by two friends who are also huge fans of cool designs and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  We were looking for something unique and wild to rock, something that truly brought out our individuality.  We quickly found out that there were none, other than the same boring traditional graphic rash guards or jerseys you see everywhere else.  So, we wanted to seek creating our own.

For us, it wasn't just about the design.  With one of us having a background in the garment industry, we wanted to use the best material for comfort and durability.  Thus, we're importing the best fabric of Italy, and manufacturing them overseas.  

Our rash guards are simple, fashionable, convenient, top quality.

rash guards cut from Italy

So now that Rash Guard Hero has you covered, we ask you to give us a try.  And we have you covered for any situation.  Whether you want tor rock the wear for a social event or party, or bring out your individuality in athletics and sports competition, we have your back!

Product Description:

  • Comfortable
  • Looks great
  • Rock it for social events and parties, cosplay
  • Lounge wear
  • Compression wear perfect for athletics and sports
  • BJJ rolling, cross fit, biking, cycling, yoga, gym wear

So there you have it folks!  Super Hero wear for Super Hero fans!

Rash Guard Hero T-shirts

But wait...that's not all!  Rash Guard Hero has expanded our business to our very own T-shirt line.  Our T-shirts are made in the USA, designed to be light and comfortable using the finest ringspun cotton and polyester blend.



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