Women's Yoga Compression Pants

Women's Yoga Compression Pants

Women’s yoga compression pants

Rash Guard Hero's Yoga Sporting Leggings are designed for the modern sporting woman who is looking for flexibility and elasticity. Made of a blend spandex, nylon, and polyester, the breathable leggings enhance your performance in sports especially running. The breathability ensures that you do not accumulate a lot of sweat during your workouts. You can wear them confidently for your cycling, fishing, baseball, and softball games or your trip to the gym.


The material is elastic which gives you more room to move your joints when running or spreading out your legs at yoga sessions thereby improving your overall performance. The pants come in a tight fight removing the extra fabric that may get in your way when performing your activities.

Ease of maintenance

The blend of polyester spandex and nylon gives a material that does not hold onto the dirt and grass stains out in the field. The pants are easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, they do not shrink with repeated cleaning. The material is also machine washable and does not require to be pressed before wearing.

Awesome prints

The pants come in stylish luminous green linear prints to give your pants a unique sporting appearance. You can wear your pants with just any color of the top and still look great.

Fit to size

The women’s yoga compression pants come in different sizes. All sizes are meant to offer a tight fit. Therefore, it is important that you select the right size according to your body especially if you are buying over the internet.

Firm stitching

A lot of care has been taken to ensure that the seams do not give way to the increased movement of the legs. The stitching is strengthened along the entire pants to ensure durability. The pants also have a strong elastic band at the wait that will not lose elasticity after a few washes.

The seams have been well hemmed on the inside to ensure a smooth and comfortable wearing. The material is smooth on the inside letting you do your activities with ease.

The Women’s yoga compression pants are ideal pants for your workout and rigorous outdoor activities. It can take lots of abuse and still hold together for long. Moreover, the pair of pants is stylish and made to fit making it something that you would wear comfortably when going out forbiking, fishing, hiking, or some workout after work. Wear your compression pants and get working out.










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