Slaying it With Your Athleisure Leggings Outside the Gym

Slaying it With Your Athleisure Leggings Outside the Gym

Slaying it With Your Athleisure Leggings Outside the Gym

How often do you feel like rocking the gym styling the whole day, but fear that it could come out awkward? The whole idea behind athleisure leggings is a multipurpose fashion clothing that is flexible enough for the gym, and easy to wear outside the gym. Leggings are very easy to style as casual wear. They go well with almost every casual tops and shoes. Here are some few tips to slay it with athleisure leggings outside the gym.

Try the Boho look

Leggings are associated with sporty wear, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you always have to wear it in a sporty look. The boho look can work very well too. Try a pair of ankle boots and a fringed vest to go with pastel colors like pink.

Go with matte fabrics

Wearing shiny fabrics, any fabric not just leggings is tacky. That is if you are not on a stage with a microphone or a guitar. Shiny fabrics look right only on rockers. Avoid shiny fabrics and go for matte fabrics, which are subdued. This is why you should go for leggings that have higher polyester content and lower nylon fabric, which makes fabrics shinier.

Keep away from high heels

High heels do not just go well with leggings. It just does not make sense to wear the most comfortable pants with the least comfortable footwear. Go for comfortable shoes. Flats should be your first preference. Canvas lace-ups are more classic. You can also keep the gym look with gym shoes. Think thick chunky heels for a slightly different look.

Layering with dress-tops

The naked-dress look is well styled with leggings. Layer with a see-through dress top.

Try color-coordination

Color coordinating athleisure leggings with your jacket makes them look like pieces that have been made for each other from the beginning. With a jacket, you can rock the leggings to the club or any other party.

Loose Tops

You don’t have to keep the skintight look from head to toe. You look like a circus performer. You are trying to achieve a relaxed and casual look. A loose top is the best accompaniment for the skintight leggings.

Go for full-length leggings

Cropped or Capri leggings limit your choice of footwear. You cannot wear them with chunky heels. You also cannot wear them with a jacket. Full-length leggings are more versatile allowing you a wider choice of tops and shoes.

Getting a stylish look with athleisure leggings is very easy. The good thing is that your imagination will rightly come out when rocking with different tops and footwear.





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