Gift for Fitness: The Gym Rashguard Compression

Gift for Fitness: The Gym Rashguard Compression

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your exercise-loving friend? The gym Rashguard compression top is the perfect gift for a fun loving friend who loves showing off a well-toned body. This top is trendy with fancy 3D prints. This top can be worn in and out of the gym. The quick-drying fabric makes an easy close fit without excess moisture buildup. Your gym going friend will love this top with its witty fitness related quotes.

Visually striking

The gym Rashguard top comes in dark grey and sky blue colors. Fancy graphics are printed in contrasting orange and red colors. Witty quotes printed on the top include ‘I lift weights, so I don’t hit people,' or ‘Always be yourself unless you’re a Super Saiyan, then you can be a Super Saiyan always.’ The printing is done in 3D making the top visually interesting to look at.

This top is designed in trendy hip-hop inspired styles with the added funk of a sporty lifestyle. It is guaranteed to be a hit with both young and not-so-young trendy fans of streetwear. This top will easily complement other street cred wear especially jeans and shorts.

Easy fit

The gym Rashguard top comes in 5 sizes; S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Any adult will easily find a fitting match. The table below gives you a good guide to picking the appropriate size.

This top is fitting for body sizes that cover almost everyone; from young adults to fully bodied grown adults. The spandex-nylon blend material makes it stretchy for easy fitting.

The nylon spandex mixture fabric is the best you can get for active wear. Spandex is a popular fabric for sportswear because it has the flexibility needed for different movements. It can stretch and recover.

Nylon is a strong and abrasion resistant fabric, more so than polyester or cotton. The fibers are smooth and long-lasting making it feel cool against the skin. Nylon is also quick drying which is a good quality for active wear.

When spandex is blended with nylon, the end fabric takes the best qualities of both fabrics. It is lightweight, stretchy and quick drying. It is the perfect material for active wear.

Perfect gift

This trendy top will be a pleasant surprise for your friend with an active lifestyle. It says casually without trying too much. The interesting graphics and witty quotes are sure to catch attention and make your friend feel appreciated. Choose this top as a Rashguard gift, and your friend will remember you for a long time.





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