BJJ Submission T-shirts

BJJ Submission T-shirts

Recall your favorite Jiu-Jitsu moves with quality BJJ Submission T-shirts

Jiu-Jitsu is not just a tactic for self-defense; it is a lifestyle and a game to be enjoyed. There is no better way to keep your favorite moves in mind than to have a t-shirt where your favorite moves and submissions are printed. These BJJ t-shirts come with several submissions printed on the front including the arm triangle, Americana, ankle lock, arm triangle, arm lock, arm bar, bow & arrow choke, collar choke, heel hook, and many other popular jiu-jitsu moves.

As a jiu-jitsu enthusiast, you can have a few t-shirts that depict some of your best moves or submissions that you may be perfecting. It is a great way of keeping tabs with the martial arts techniques. The t-shirts are also a way to look different with the rest of your peers.

Quality material

In addition, these short sleeve t-shirts are made of quality material, which is a blend of ringspun and polyester. It's super soft to the touch and feels good on your skin. It is easy to clean and will remain looking good for months down the line. Moreover, the t-shirts come in different colors.

Different Sizes

The t-shirts feature a seamless collar and come in sizes S to XL. They also come with a tear away label. In addition, it has been double-stitched at the sleeves and the bottom hem to prevent running seams especially with washing. Other tension areas such as the armpits are strengthened to ensure that the seams do not give way when you raise your hands.

The BJJ submission images have been printed onto the t-shirt and will not come off after repeated washing. Moreover, the dyes used on the t-shirt are colorfast and do not run or face within a short period.

Ideal for different occasions

The loose fit t-shirts can be worn in the warm afternoons, the casual weekends or for a workout in the evening. They are simple and stylish. They breathe in you the free spirit as you go on with your daily activities.


The BJJ t-shirts are of good quality in terms of material, design, and tailoring. Moreover, they come with your favorite jiu-jitsu moves illustrated on the front of the t-shirt. The short sleeve t-shirt is definitely a good choice whether or not you are a fan of jiu Jitsu. Pick a few colors to wear at different occasions.




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